About our Christmas Cards
What Will You Give Him?I had my very first idea for a Christmas card in the winter of 1997, while serving as a missionary for my church. Far from home, and with hardly any art supplies, I sketched my idea and tucked it away, making plans to paint it when I got back home. A year later, back at Brigham Young University, I painted the image as part of a school project. It was a picture of the three wise men presenting their gifts, joined by a ragged little boy holding a paper heart, and the caption "What will you give him?" That same year, I bought my first color printer, took out a business licence, and began the laborious task of printing, cutting and folding cards by hand, selling a few to friends and family. I spent the next few years adding new cards to the collection, still doing all the production by hand, including the year we were on the road while my husband toured the country with Les Misérables. That was the last year I printed cards off my own printer.

In 2003, I employed the help of Modern Postcard, a company based in California that specializes in printed postcards. I chose to print the card I had painted in 1999, "He Is Born," and was excited to receive my first shipment of gorgeously colored, already cut and folded cards straight to my door. I have continued to work through this company, expanding the official line of Lady Rachel's Garden Christmas Cards to include all the images we have available today.

My goal each year from the beginning has been to create a Christmas card that is not only beautiful, but carries the true meaning of the holiday: a celebration of Christ and his advent into the world. The tradition of sending Christmas Cards as a yearly greeting to friends and family is also a special opportunity to reaffirm our faith and our joy in the reality of our Savior, and spread the "Good News" that makes the whole rest of the year just as wonderful as Christmastime.

I am deeply grateful to my friends and family who support me in this endeavor, and especially to my sweet husband who understands how much it means to me to be able to paint the things I love.


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