Watercolor Painting of a noble looking woman with a staff
Meaning: Noble Strength
Origin: England


For many years I have been fascinated by the origins and meanings of people’s names. Names often carry both a traditional connotation and a sentimental value. I think my fascination started when I picked out my own children’s names, perusing baby name books with eager curiosity. In my series of Heirloom Name Paintings, I try to capture visually what a name means. Each painting comes with a calligraphic label of the name, its origin and meaning. These elegant keepsakes make a perfect baby gift, or any other occasion when you want to celebrate the special reason a name is given. Choose from my small collection of names already painted (remember, many names have similar meanings, so the name you’re looking for may apply even if it’s not listed) or commission a new work for a nominal fee.

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watercolor painting of a young girl holding a lily
Meaning: Pure
Origin: Ireland